Disrespecting & duping loyalists as needed

Reflections (image by author)

Intentional ignorance as a right-wing tactic

Morning Solitude by Andrew S Turcotte

Liberals are not saints, of course. But there is a determined faction of prominent conservative/right-wing opinion-makers who have earned advanced degrees…

Some political views are beyond the beyond

Boston Harbor At Dusk [by author]

Those of you who have viewed enough of my work to get a general sense of both my politics and what I often write about recognize that I have a particular interest in the Left-Right conflicts which shape most of our political and cultural discussions. I’m no angel, but I…

Without it, what does the future hold for America?

Morning Sky (photo by author)

Before we plunge deeper into America’s rapidly expanding political and cultural abyss, would it be worth carving out a few moments of time from partisanship’s tribal warfare to climb back up, peer over the edge, and try to regain our bearings? …

A time-saver that’s deepening our political and cultural divide

Doubling Down [Photo by Author]

It’s all but impossible now to engage in meaningful conversations with peers on the other side of America’s political and cultural wall. Our differences are hardening. The gulf between what should be objective, mutually-acknowledged truths seems unbridgeable. Shared understanding and acceptance of both the facts and relevant, critically important perspectives…

Political/cultural solutions are never that simple

Fan Pier, Boston 09.26.18 [by Author]

The choice awaits

Morning Light [photo by author]

The foundation from which we assess the integrity of our political, social, and cultural disagreements is dissolving. In its place: a Donald Trump-inspired, perilous disconnect from facts, truth, and principled conduct on the part of a staggering number of GOP officials. Trump himself, of course, leads the way. …

Not thinking isn’t always a good idea

January at the beach [photo by author]

: We on the Left and those on the Right have some disagreements to sort through.

The behaviors displayed by, and supporting commentaries from, our political counterparts are now well past the stage where those right-wing efforts can be considered as nothing more than

Some unsolicited advice

Boston Harbor: After The Storm [photo by author]

I didn’t see the GOP memo.

When did the decision-making process mandate the inclusion of lies and then even more lies about the facts, the intentions, the application, and inevitable consequences of any meaningful and/or necessary political, cultural, or social policies? Staking out positions having no basis or purpose in…

Trumpism isn’t consequence-free

A bit of everything [photo by author]

Left-leaning Americans are now at political and cultural risk through little or no fault of their own. Those of us who either believe in or respect the body of liberal/progressive principles and generally open-minded approach to differences and possibilities are threatened by principled Republican officials to a much greater degree…

Richard Turcotte

Partisanship has no good ending. I’d like to do my part to change that. A better future is a choice.

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