The threat of authoritarianism

In what will come as a major surprise to exactly no one even marginally aware of our hyper-polarized political/social/cultural conflicts, there are significant differences in what those on each side of the partisan divide believe, prioritize, expect, and value. …

Americans face a daunting choice

The sole priority for Trump toadies in government has been painfully obvious from the very beginning, but if doubt remains: Gain and maintain political power by whatever means are necessary. Period.

They’ve effortlessly discarded shame, embarrassment, honesty, honoring responsibilities, and sworn oaths. Fealty to Donald Trump is now the only…

Recognizing the risks now

All consequences matter. Real-life consequences matter much more than those imagined or promoted for less than honorable purposes. Any combination of lies, misinformation, baseless fear-mongering, or self-serving manipulations are sufficient to sustain an unprincipled agenda. Donald Trump and his authoritarian cohorts have cornered the market in that regard.

Conservative Basics

As a…

Ready for an authoritarian America?

Over the course of nearly four decades, the examination of certain traits common among conservatives — specifically those identified by Robert Altemeyer as right-wing authoritarians, and the conclusions drawn — remain spot-on as we approach 2022. That’s not good news.

Years ago, Thomas Edsall offered a concise summary of some…

Ignoring reality has its disadvantages

Trumpists have become quite adept at conducting themselves in a manner honed — necessitated — by their devotion to Trump: disregard facts; excuse away anything contradicting their beliefs; dismiss any considerations, proposals, or evidence which doesn’t completely validate the expectations they desire.

Beneficial? Depends on how the concept is defined…

Intentional ignorance as a right-wing tactic

The conservative movement under Trump is gleefully taking a sledgehammer to facts, to science, to reason, and to common decency. It’s all being done by design. — Eric Boehlert

Liberals are not saints, of course. But there is a determined faction of prominent conservative/right-wing opinion-makers who have earned advanced degrees…

Some political views are beyond the beyond

Those of you who have viewed enough of my work to get a general sense of both my politics and what I often write about recognize that I have a particular interest in the Left-Right conflicts which shape most of our political and cultural discussions. I’m no angel, but I…

Richard Turcotte

Partisanship has no good ending. I’d like to do my part to change that. A better future is a choice.

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