A Plea Or Two

Richard Turcotte
11 min readApr 9

A peaceful future comes down to this

A bit of color in Austin, TX [Photo by Richard G Turcotte]

I ask this in all seriousness: Trump supporters, are you thinking at all about just who and what Donald Trump is; what kind of people have undertaken the same actions and offered the same comments as he has done so routinely for all these years? Or are you so content to think that you finally have legitimate authorities “fighting” on your behalf that the “how” simply does not matter?

What process allows you to ignore the warning signs about how deranged, corrupt, and dangerous Donald Trump is? Lashing out as he has been since being indicted in New York makes it quite clear he is in full-blown panic. A legitimate tactic would be to offer well-reasoned, fact-based criticisms of the laws being applied against him. Not happening!

The latter approach is well within his/anyone’s right to challenge evidence. Lashing out suggests something else. Donald Trump is in a big bind of his own doing. Rather than taking a measured, rational approach to defending himself as almost every other innocent person would do, his increasingly wild and unhinged efforts suggest someone unfamiliar with the concept of being held accountable for his actions. Welcome to our world, Donald. Your past has at last caught up with you.

Who will pay the price: Trump and his minions, or the rest of us?

I — and others — wonder how many conversations you are required to carry on in your heads to come up with rationalizations for excusing away his increasingly desperate and dangerous invocations. Imagine the level of conspiracies that must have been planned and engaged in to give any credence whatsoever to Trump’s babbling/incoherent rants about a fraudulent election or baseless personal attacks directed his way! Each and every one of his responses, behaviors, and actions are designed for the same purpose: how do I make this work to protect me from accountability, and/or to help ME gain more in any way possible?

There’s only one important person in Donald Trump’s world, and none of you are in the running to claim that title. Most of you are truly unaware about the indicators and consequences of authoritarian behavior. History teaches…. Take a few moments to gather long- and well-established facts about authoritarians. Then connect the dots to Trump, et al. It’s not that…

Richard Turcotte

Partisanship has no good ending. I’d like to do my part to change that. A better future is a choice.