Pay Attention!

A simple request to Trumpers

Richard Turcotte
10 min readMay 25


Twilight Calm [Photo by Richard G Turcotte]

If there’s one aspect of America’s ever-deepening political and cultural divide which I doubt I’ll ever fully understand, it is this: do Donald Trump’s supporters ever give legitimate consideration to the What Happen Then? portion of our social, political, and cultural conflicts should he and his authoritarian toadies regain political and institutional power?

Nothing good will ever come from those who lack character, respect for others, integrity, the capacity to feel shame at their destructive lies, and any appreciation or concern for how a free, democratic America remains mankind’s best option for a peaceful and prosperous future — its many, many shortcomings duly-noted. The likes of Donald Trump and his band of suck-ups are not saving those traits for display the day after they gain official political power.

A lot of self-serving enrichment seems to be taking place at his supporters’ expense. Don’t they ever notice and/or wonder about that?

The Trump vs. NOT Trump clash is not some esoteric, high-school level political philosophy exercise. This is real life! The creation of an authoritarian, anti-democracy, anti-rule of law government in which only the elite are permitted to have power and wealth, and for purely self-serving intentions, will not be a happy place for any of us on the outside looking in, Trumpers included. Life will be very different for all of us. And not in a good way. At all.

Partisan hostilities will not determine what governing and government will be like “out there” just in Washington or state capitals. This conundrum is about understanding how life will change for all of us — left and right, everywhere — should the Republican Party’s perverse efforts to convert American life to a poorly-informed, highly-controlled existence succeed. Bringing the full range of Trump’s vile, narcissistic, ignorant, vengeful, dystopian ambitions back into power* will just compound the misery exponentially.

*Unchecked power, more precisely.

So, a few words of advice (or at least some points to ponder) directed to those same supporters can’t hurt.

If all of you Trump/authoritarian GOP supporters think the efforts of your “leaders” will somehow morph into benefits for you…



Richard Turcotte

Partisanship has no good ending. I’d like to do my part to change that. A better future is a choice.